Development charges

Development charges help the city pay for increased demand for municipal services resulting from growth. They are payable prior to a building permit being issued.

The development charge bylaw (PDF) applies to all new development and certain changes in use in the city, with the following exemptions:

  • new buildings on land owned or used by a municipality or board
  • the addition of up to two additional dwelling units to an existing structure
  • enlargement of industrial building by up to 50 percent of total floor space
  • new buildings for college, university or other academic uses, with some exceptions
  • new buildings for temporary uses

Watch: explaining development charges (3:40)


Rates are increased or decreased annually as of January 1 in accordance with the change in the non-residential building construction price index. For a full breakdown of charges and what city services they go toward, download the 2019 Development Charges info sheet (PDF).








Single and semi-detached units






Multiple units (including townhouses, masionettes and terrace dwellings)






Apartments with up to one bedroom






Apartments with two-three bedroom






Apartments with four-five bedrooms






Lodging houses per bedroom for six or more






Per square metre of floor area  $67.29  $67.63  $68.51  $72.73  $76.49

Other charges

When applicable, the city also collects development charges on behalf of other levels of government: