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The Sports and Recreation Grant program supports eligible not-for-profit and community organizations that encourage participation in a wide range of activities.

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How to apply

The Sports and Recreation Grant Program is open. 

Email to learn more about the qualifications for this grant program. We will provide eligible organizations with an application.

The deadline to submit your application is February 13 2024.

We will contact applicants about the outcome of their grant application in March 2024.

Who can apply

To be eligible for the Sports and Recreation Grant, the organization must:

  • benefit the community through sports and recreation
  • be organized for a minimum of 1 year
  • comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and bylaws for all levels of government
  • submit a complete application form providing all documents by the deadline

For complete grant information read the Sport and Recreation Grants Policy (PDF).

If you're unsure whether your organization qualifies, please contact us. 

What you need to apply

The maximum amount for a Sports and Recreation Grant is $5,000. Funds can support operating expenses and/or project costs. 

Prepare for your Sports and Recreation Grant application by reviewing the information and document requirements below.

Learn more about operating and project grants

Organizations may apply for either an operating grant, a project grant, or both, but the total funding cannot exceed $5,000. A group can only submit one application per year.

Operating grants are for:

  • ongoing costs that support day-to-day working of your organization
  • growing or expanding your programs and/or copying an existing program in another location, or at another time
  • programs funded as a project in a past year

Examples of operating expenses are rent, insurance, telephone and internet service, equipment for core services or community programs, salaries for staff or services, volunteer recruitment, training and office supplies. 

Project grants are for:

  • one time, temporary projects with a specific objective
  • are completed in a set timeframe with a clear beginning and end
  • do not take longer than a year
  • must differ from your core services or programs 

Examples of projects are events or activities.

Information and document requirements

  1. Identify what type of grant (operating, project or both) you are applying for and the funds you are asking for.
  2. Determine if your organization is developing or in transition:
    • Developing: formed within the past 3 years and have been operating for at least 1 year before the application deadline
    • Organizations in transition: established organizations or organizations undergoing a substantial change in direction over the next 1 to 3 years to enhance organizational resiliency
  3. If your organization is developing, describe how it meets this definition, using up to 750 characters.
  4. Prepare information describing the services you provide to the community through your activities, projects and events, including demographics and the future goals of your organization, using up to 2400 characters.
  5. Ensure you know the year your organization was established, if it is directed by an elected volunteer board of directors or executive committee, and the list of those members.
  6. Describe how your organization accommodates or subsidizes low-income residents, using up to 750 characters.
  7. Identify how you accommodate those with disabilities, using up to 750 characters.
  8. Describe how you keep community members safe, using up to 750 characters.
  9. Indicate if you have full or part-time paid or volunteer staff and how many of them.
  10. How many members you serve, and in what area(s) of Waterloo do you provide service?
  11. How your organization benefits the Waterloo community through engaging citizens, reaching diverse populations, improving quality of life, economic impact, building community and offering unique programming, using up to 2400 characters.
  12. How you will evaluate your program's success, using up to 750 characters.
  13. Organization's income statement and balance sheet for the most recent year-end financial statements.
  14. Provide a list of all other funding requests or sponsors you have applied to and whether your request has been approved. 
  15. Provide a list of any partner organizations you collaborate with, the purpose of collaboration and when the relationship began.
  16. Based on the funding request you choose, you will be required to:
Operating grant Project grant

Describe how the grant will assist your organization to attain your goals and objectives, using up to 3000 characters.                             

Proposed project description, including a brief timeline and work plan, using up to 4800 characters. Projects must differ from (or be in addition to) core services or programs. You must include a project name.

Provide an operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and an income statement and balance sheet for the most recent fiscal year.

Provide an operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and an income statement and balance sheet for the most recent fiscal year.


Provide a revenue and expenses budget breakdown directly associated with the project.


If you intend for your project to be ongoing, explain how you will support continuation, using up to 750 characters.


Other grants

Visit our neighbourhoods website and our Arts Grant page for information on other funding opportunities.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need more information about the Sports and Recreation Grant, please email