Construction projects

We maintain and construct city roads, trails and sidewalks through paving, utility work, rehabilitation and new building projects. 

Help keep our road crews safe by obeying the signs. Signs contain essential information about traffic conditions, road closures and detours ahead. Reduce your speed and approach a construction area with caution. You may not be saving time, but you are saving lives. 

Visit our closures page for road, trail and sidewalk disruptions related to construction projects. Report a pothole using our online form. 

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Current road construction

The following projects are underway across the city. New projects will be added as they are scheduled for the 2019 construction season.

Projects Description of Work Anticipated
start date
finish date
Dale Crescent/Carlaw Place Road reconstruction from Dale Crescent to Carlaw Place. Spring Summer Mike Lupsa
Laurel Creek - Regina to Weber Streets Creek rehabilitation in Laurel Creek from Regina Street to Weber Street Winter Summer Jessica Kellerman 
Maple Hill Creek stabilization Stormwater management pond retrofit and sediment, full length of Maple Hill Creek. Spring Fall Jessica Kellerman
Marsland Drive Surface asphalt to complete previous reconstruction from Lexington Road to University Avenue. Summer Summer Mike Lupsa
Moccasin Drive/Longwood Drive/Albert Street Surface work on all of Moccasin Drive, Longwood Drive from Moccasin Drive to Albert Street and replacement of culvert on Albert. Spring Summer Gavin Vermeer
Neilson Avenue Surface work at Margaret Avenue to Bluevale Street. Summer Summer Caroline Amyot
Silver Lake/Waterloo Park/Laurel Creek Dredging of Silver lake, waterfront improvements and creek rehabilitation in Silver Lake and Laurel Creek in Waterloo Park. Winter Spring Jessica Kellerman 
West Side Employments Lands Servicing works on Platinum Drive to Columbia Street. Spring Fall  Mike Lupsa

Trans Canada Trail extension

A joint project between the City of Waterloo, Region of Waterloo and the Township of Woolwich resulted in a study to realign a portion of the Trans Canada Trail (now the 'Great Trail’) to form a more direct route between Waterloo and Woolwich.

A review of route options resulted in the preferred route following along Parkside Drive in Waterloo to the Farmers Market area via the existing rail corridor.


Information on this work was presented to the public on November 30, 2017 with presentation boards. Some themes heard from the public included:

  • safety, such as lighting and crossing major roads
  • connections to adjacent businesses
  • what would happen to the current Trans Canada Trail alignment

Next steps

The study work is nearing completion which will position the municipal partners to access funding opportunities as they arise. Further details will be added to this site as they arise.

If you have questions about this project, contact the project manager at 519-747-8791, TTY (for deaf) 1-866-786-3941 or 

Moses Springer Park trails

The trails (Waterloop and Laurel) and playground in Moses Springer Park are in need of rehabilitation and drainage improvements. Work will be ongoing until fall 2019 and will require various closures of the trail and playground area.

Existing playground equipment will be removed at the start of construction and replaced afterward. There may be a delay between the end of construction and the installation of new playground equipment.

If you have questions about this project, contact the project manager at 519-747-8066, TTY (for deaf) 1-866-786-3941 or 

Uptown streetscape improvement

Segregated bike lanes have been added to King Street in uptown Waterloo. The bike lanes are marked with painting symbols, cycle crossings have been painted green and no parking signs have been installed.

This project was initiated to improve the streetscape of the uptown core along King Street from Central Street to Erb Street in order to:

  • make King Street more accessible for all mode of transportation, including pedestrians
  • create a a safe, lively and attractive place to work, live, shop, learn and play
  • co-ordinate design elements and improve the quality of economic life in uptown Waterloo

In addition to the bike lanes, replacement of stormwater, sanitary sewers, watermain and underground utilities were included in this project. Wider sidewalks, pedestrian friendly street lights, trees, landscaping and street furniture was also included. 


Visit our road closures page for ongoing updates related to this project. It is anticipated that King Street between Brideport Road and Elgin Street will be closed to vehicles between April and August 2019. The area will remain open to pedestrians.

In February 2019, Region of Waterloo council approved recommendations to include additional signage, markings and the installation of flexible bollards to distinguish bike lanes from the roadway.

Supporting documents (PDFs)

If you have questions about this project, contact project manager Eric Saunderson at 519-575-4746 or