Maps and open data

We publish maps and open data sets that are free to use and download. Printed copies of some maps are available for a fee.

Open Data

Our Open Data website is a free sharing portal where anyone can access data relating to the City of Waterloo. You can browse, search, preview, and download a variety of municipal geospatial and tabular data. Descriptions of each dataset will help with understanding of the content. You may use and republish the data as you wish, according to the Open Data Licence.

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Interactive city map

Use our interactive city map to find an address, park, city facility or school. You can also see which ward you live in, determine your zoning and view aerial imagery of your neighbourhood.

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Map themes

Our online city map has several layer options to help you explore different types of information:

Survey Plans

We have copies of survey plans on file for some properties in the city. If you require a plan for work being done, contact 519-747-8752 or Depending on availability and suitability, new property surveys may also be commissioned from an Ontario Land Surveyor.

Downloadable maps

In addition to online maps, we also produce a number of maps available for download.

Zoning map

Council passed zoning bylaw 2018-050 on September 10, 2018. It applies to all land and buildings within the city with the exception of two specific areas which are subject to appeals. For more details please visit our zoning page.

  • these maps depict the zoning bylaw which regulates land use in the city, and implements the policies of the Official Plan
  • they can be used to determine which zoning by-law designation your property falls under
  • printed 36" x 48" maps of individual or consolidated schedules can be purchased from the IPPW service counter on the second floor of Waterlo City Centre

Download zoning map (17MB PDF)

Ward map

  • shows administrative boundaries for the seven wards that make up the City of Waterloo.
  • a printed 34" x 46" map can be purchased from the legislative services counter on the third floor of Waterloo City Centre (city hall)

Download ward map (6MB PDF)

Street atlas mapbook

  • provides an overview of the City's street network as well as prominent points of interest
  • the atlas includes a legend, overview map, ward map, and street index.
  • mapbook is 60 pages printed on 11" x 17" and is intended to be printed double-sided while allowing for binding.
  • a bound paper copy of this map book is available for purchase
  • contact us at 519-747-8550 or to request a copy

Download mapbook (97MB PDF)

Street index

  • provides an overview of the city's street network with an index
  • a printed 36" x 48" map can be purchased from the IPPW service counter on the second floor of Waterloo City Centre (city hall)

Download street index map (44MB PDF)

Alternate formats

If you require maps in an alternate format, contact us at 519-747-8550, TTY (for deaf) 1-866-786-3941 or