Neighbours are an important source of day-to-day help and community connection. Saying hello, helping with snow shoveling, or dropping off a meal to provide comfort or support demonstrates care for each other.

These acts of kindness increase neighbourhood pride and have many positive effects on neighbours and neighbourhoods. The City of Waterloo wants to increase awareness of what it means to be a kind neighbour and to recognize people who do something great, big or small, in their neighbourhood.

This Neighbourhood Kindness program can help strengthen connections and support in neighbourhoods. Nominations will be accepted year-round and every nominee will receive a thank you package. 

Nominate your neighbour!

What sorts of things do kind neighbours do?

Maybe they:

  • Pick up groceries for an isolated neighbour.
  • Manage a neighbourhood community on social media or a newsletter.
  • Lead a community garden or outdoor rink.
  • Take care of a community message board.
  • Host neighbourhood events such as movie nights, porch parties, rallies, concerts or barbeques.
  • Organize a neighbourhood tree planting.
  • Welcome a new neighbour to the area.
  • Fundraise for a neighbourhood playground.
  • Show kindness in many other ways.

How can you get involved?

  1. Submit this online form to describe your kind neighbour’s contributions.
  2. Help spread the word about this program.
  3. Be a caring and kind neighbour!