Recognition is an important part of volunteer retention and support. As a City, we value our volunteers and recognize their commitment to our community. 

Past events

The City of Waterloo hosts a variety of events to honour our volunteers. Here’s some of the appreciation events we have offered in the past:

  • virtual cooking class
  • DIY doormat workshop
  • virtual escape room
  • gift cards to local businesses
  • outdoor rink convenor dinner

Registered City of Waterloo program volunteers and neighbourhood volunteers will be contacted each year about opportunities available to thank volunteers for all they do! 

Recognizing volunteers in your neighbourhood

As a neighbourhood, you should consider meaningful and enjoyable ways to recognize volunteers in your community. For inspiration, check out some ideas below:

  • free activity passes such as skating, rock climbing, cooking class, or art workshop
  • gift certificate to a local restaurant or neighbourhood food spot
  • thank you kits with local goods or products
  • neighbourhood night out at a restaurant, bowling alley, movie theatre, or other activity
  • neighbourhood swag, such as a toque, t-shirt, or picnic blanket
  • personalized thank you card
  • newsletter or social media shout outs
  • photo collection
  • nominate your volunteers for an award

Volunteer Awards

Community Builder Award

The City of Waterloo celebrates volunteers through the annual Community Builder Awards program. Through the program, affiliated organizations can nominate volunteers for milestone pins. The Waterloo Chronicle features nominees in their “Volunteer Salute” printed in the newspaper during National Volunteer week in April.

Every January or February, eligible organizations receive an email with more information on the Community Builder Award program.

Volunteer Waterloo Region opportunities

Volunteer Waterloo Region celebrates all volunteers both formal and informal. Visit the stories shared on their website to see how community members are recognized for Empathy in Action. Also stay tuned for information on a new volunteer recognition event coming in the Fall of 2022.