Cultural heritage

Find out how we conserve buildings, landscapes and other features that reveal important stories from our past. Visit our heritage alterations page for information on altering designated heritage homes. 

Properties with cultural heritage value are included on the Municipal Heritage Register (PDF).

Waterloo heritage plaque that appears on heritage homesHeritage properties

Designated properties are valued by the community for their architectural, historic and contextual significance. The city has 41 individually designated properties that can typically be identified by a plaque near the front door.

Download a zip file of all heritage property profiles to learn more about each of the designated properties.

McGregor-Albert Conservation Heritage District

The city has one heritage district, containing over 100 properties, in the McGregor-Albert area. View a map of the area. The McGregor-Albert Conservation Heritage District Plan (PDF) outlines policies and guidelines to manage change in the neighbourhood.

Heritage walking tours

This walking tour features the heritage properties of the Mary Allen neighbourhood. Through this tour, you will learn about the unique homes and original residents of one of Waterloo’s oldest neighbourhoods.

Cultural heritage landscapes

A Cultural Heritage Landscape (CHL) is an area of significance that has been modified by human activities and is valued by a community. It involves groupings of heritage resources, such as buildings or natural features, that tell a story about where we come from and who we are.

The city studied CHLs in Waterloo from 2018 to 2019, resulting in an inventory of 27 significant landscapes. Visit our studies page to download the full inventory and learn more.

Municipal Heritage Committee

Waterloo's Municipal Heritage Committee advises council on matters involving conservation and preservation of both public and private cultural heritage resources within the city.