Financial reports

Learn more about the city's financial position and view audited annual statements and capital spending reports. Visit our plans page to view the city's long-term financial plan.

Financial position

Each year we publish a 'dashboard' to show how the city is doing on important financial measures. It includes overall financial position, economic growth, reserve levels and assets, and debt. We rate trends within these categories as positive, requiring caution, or negative.


Annual financial statements tell the story of our financial position at the end of each calendar year. An independent accounting firm audits them and we publish the previous year's statement in May.

To help understand financial statements, use this common language guide.

Past financial statements are available by request. Contact 519-747-8774 or

Capital reports

We report on capital spending to tell the story of how building projects benefit the community over the course of a calendar year.

If you require the 2017 capital report in an alternate format, contact 519-747-8774, 1-866-786-3941 (TTY) or