Apply to alter a site

Site alteration permits are for projects that require the removal or dumping large quantities of soil, rock, or other materials that would alter drainage conditions.

Most do-it-yourself projects do not require a permit. A permit is required if you're removing or dumping more than 20 cubic metres of material. Full regulatory details are in the site alteration bylaw.

Application process

  1. Download and complete a site alteration permit form (PDF).
  2. Submit in person at the IPPW counter on the second floor of city hall.
  3. Fees apply (find chart below). We accept cash, cheque or debit.

Heritage properties or others close by may require a Heritage Impact Assessment as part of the approval process. Visit our heritage alteration page for more information.

Contact us (find details below) before submitting your permit application to determine if this applies.




Site alteration application


Site alteration permit fee for first hectare (or less)


Site alteration permit fee for each additional hectare (to a maximum of $1000)


If you have questions about your application, contact us at 519-747-8752, TTY (for deaf) 1-866-786-3941 or