Apply for a Zoning Bylaw and/or Official Plan Amendment

A Zoning Bylaw or Official Plan Amendment application is the process to alter permitted land uses and regulations. It is not the same as a site plan application that meets Zoning Bylaw and Official Plan requirements.

View current applications on EngageWaterloo. You can provide feedback on open applications, ask questions to the planning team and view documents submitted to Council.

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  1. How applications are shared with the public
  2. When to request a Zoning Bylaw or Official Plan amendment
  3. Request a pre-submission consultation
  4. Apply for a Zoning Bylaw or Official Plan amendment
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How applications are shared with the public

The public is invited to comment on Zoning Bylaw and Official Plan amendments. We publicize them by:

  • posting a large sign along the frontage of the lands
  • publishing notices in the Record
  • posting information on EngageWaterloo
  • hosting required public meetings at City Council to discuss the proposed change
  • mailing notices to properties within 120 m of the proposed change

The new Zoning Bylaw passed in September 2018 applies to all land and buildings within the city.

When to request a Zoning Bylaw or Official Plan amendment

If a proposal does not meet current Zoning Bylaw requirements or meet the requirements of the Official Plan, an application for an amendment may be required. If approved, this would facilitate the proposal to move forward to the next stage in the development process.

Prior to submitting a complete application for an amendment, the City of Waterloo strongly encourages applicants request a pre-submission consultation meeting. The purpose of the pre-submission consultation meeting is to:

  • review the development approvals process
  • provide preliminary comments in response to the conceptual plans
  • identify the formal submission materials required for a complete application

Pre-consultation does not imply or suggest any decision whatsoever on behalf of city staff or the Corporation of the City of Waterloo. 

Request a pre-submission consultation

Before beginning, applicants should:

  1. Review and determine the current zone for the property in the proposed plan by viewing the interactive map
  2. Review and understand the Zoning Bylaw requirements that apply
  3. Review and understand the Official Plan requirements that apply
  4. View the terms of reference documents for development applications

Prepare the required information and documents before starting your request for a pre-submission consultation:

  • cover letter
  • concept plans
  • summary of the proposed development
  • summary of the proposed application (including details of requested amendment)
  • known constraints on or near the subject lands (for example: easements, environmental constraints)
  • digital copies of all submission materials to be uploaded and attached to the form

If additional information is required, staff will contact the proponent or applicant.

Request a pre-submission consultation

Once received, a Planner will be assigned the file.  They will notify the applicant of next steps, which includes the review and evaluation of submission materials and scheduling the pre-submission consultation meeting.  Pre-submission consultation meetings are not booked until sufficient information is provided.  Staff may request additional information before circulating the information to relevant divisions and agencies.

After the pre-submission consultation with a planner, the applicant will know how to submit a formal and complete package to request the Zoning Bylaw amendment and or Official Plan amendment. View the terms of reference documents to help you create the supporting documents. The assigned planner will tell you which ones are required.

Apply for a Zoning Bylaw and/or Official Plan amendment

It is highly recommended that you request a pre-submission consultation. If you have a pre-submission consultation, get that feedback first, then proceed to apply for your amendment. Review the pre-submission request process for requirements.

Apply for a Zoning Bylaw or Official Plan amendment

After the application is deemed complete, the review of the application will begin.

Contact us

Email or call 519-747-8752 for help with these applications.