Zoning bylaw

In September 2018, council passed a new zoning bylaw and corresponding amendment to the official plan

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  1. About the zoning bylaw
  2. Zoning Bylaw 2018-050
  3. Bylaws and schedules

About the Zoning Bylaw

The zoning bylaw controls land development and how it's used, including: 

  • lot sizes, dimension requirements and coverage
  • types of buildings that are permitted and how they can be used
  • where buildings and other structures can be located
  • building setbacks, heights, densities, bulk, floor areas, spacing and character of buildings
  • landscaped spaces and amenity areas
  • parking and loading requirements

Enter an address into our interactive map to find out what a property is zoned.

Zoning Bylaw 2018-050

Council passed zoning bylaw 2018-050 on September 10, 2018. It now applies to all land and buildings within the city with the exception of two specific areas (PDF) which are subject to appeals.

Bylaw and schedules (PDFs)

If you have questions about the zoning bylaw or require documents in an alternate format, contact us at 519-747-8752, TTY (for deaf) 1-866-786-3941 or zoning@waterloo.ca