Watermains and valves

Learn more about watermain flushing, how to report a watermain break, and where the water valve is located on your property.

Watermain flushing

Over time iron and other minerals settle in watermains (the large pipes that carry water underground), which may cause discoloured water to flow into your home.

Our annual cleaning program improves water quality by flushing pipes with fresh water. No chemicals are used though you may have discoloured water as minerals are discharged. Visit our water quality page for tips on clearing discoloured water.

The 2018 flushing program has ended. Subscribe to our news page to be notified of upcoming flushing activites.

Reporting watermain breaks

There are over 380km of watermains in Waterloo. Breaks can be caused by extreme weather, freeze/thaw cycles, or old age. Signs of a problem include water pooling or flowing above ground or reduced water pressure in your home. 

If you suspect a break, please contact us immediately at 519-886-2310.

Locating water valves

Every property has a water valve access point (also known as a shut-off valve). It is usually found in a front yard or driveway. The valve is the only way to turn off water supply for maintenance or valve replacement.

If the valve is not visible, crews may need to dig up part of your driveway to locate it. They will patch the area afterward, but will not replace or match the entire driveway.

Tips for those with driveway valves
Before you do any work on your driveway:
  • Request a free valve inspection at 519-886-2310 two weeks prior to working on your driveway. This will prevent us from digging up a portion of your driveway in the future should the valve need to be repaired.
  • If you are excavating locate all your utility lines first. Contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 to request a locate.
  • Ensure your contractor doesn't pave over the valve when doing work and that an inspection has been completed prior to driveway repairs or replacement.