Affiliation is recognized in an official agreement signed by an organization and the City. Groups are often referred to as “affiliates”. This relationship is for established groups that meet select criteria. Foundational operating funding can be available for neighbourhood associations that are affiliated with the City of Waterloo. 

Become an affiliate

If your neighbourhood group or association is considering affiliation, please contact the neighbourhoods team to discuss your organization and application details. Our staff will work with you throughout the application process.

Eligible groups

There are affiliates in sports, arts, recreation, and neighbourhoods. To become an affiliate, neighbourhood groups must meet the following criteria:

  • Operate in an area of the city that is not covered by an existing association;
  • Be in existence for 5 years;
  • Follow governance practices; and
  • Offer affordable and accessible opportunities to residents

What affiliates do

Affiliates provide programs, services, supports, and connections that aim to:

  • Support volunteer leadership
  • Provide recreation and leisure to residents
  • Be open and inclusive


The goal of affiliation is to help build capacity for affiliated organizations to deliver high quality, inclusive, and well organized programs. Affiliated neighbourhood associations are responsible for:

  • Holding minimum quarterly meetings with meeting minutes
  • Electing board members
  • Hosting an annual general meeting
  • Developing annual goals
  • Maintaining financial records

The city supports affiliates by providing:

  • Staff help for volunteer management, community resources, risk management, communication, and more
  • Event equipment to rent
  • Booking credit and discount for rentable city spaces
  • Liability insurance
  • Volunteer recognition opportunities
  • Workshops
  • Printing
  • Membership with Volunteer Waterloo Region

Affiliate groups have a staff liaison at the City of Waterloo that they connect with to arrange these benefits.

If affiliation is not the right fit for your group, the neighbourhood operating grant is an additional resource offered for neighbourhoods and provides up to $500 for eligible groups.