Advertising and sponsorship

We offer affordable and convenient ways to advertise in city facilities and publications. Sponsorship of city programs, events and facilities is also available.


Ageing Well Waterloo directory

The City of Waterloo's Ageing Well Waterloo directory is the place to promote your business, organization or services to the Region's 55+ residents.

With a distribution of 30,000 to households in Waterloo and copies available at City Hall, recreation facilities, libraries and select agencies and businesses, this affordable directory offers advertisers an exceptional value.

Past edition is available online.


 Rates and ad dimensions

Page size

Dimensions (inches)



Quarter 3.375W x 4.5H  $516 $820
Half-vertical 3.375W x 9.125H $720 $1024
Half-horizontal 6.875W x 4.5H $720 $1024
Full 9.875W x 9.125H $924 $2070

*HST not included, prices are for 2 years of advertising.

Cover space may be available. Contact for more information.

Publication schedule





2022/2023 September 10, 2021 Fall 2021
Submit your advertisement
  • upload directly to our submission forms: non-profit or business 
  • advertisements must be 300 dpi or higher and match dimensions above
  • preferred format is PDF, but JPG, EPS or TIFF also acceptable
  • advertising submission must be completed for every advertisement

If you require edits to a previous ad, information must be provided on the ad submission form. A proof will be provided for new designs and edited advertisements. If there is no response by the specific date the ad will run as sent. 

Advertisement edits are not accepted over the phone. All edits must be communicated with a record of changes.


Sponsorship opportunities are available in the Aging Well Waterloo directory. The following benefits are reserved for sponsors:

  • cover pages in the directory - front inside, back inside, and back outside
  • logo placement - in the directory's acknowledgement page
  • exposure and public speaking opportunities - speaking opportunity at the City of Waterloo's Annual Mayor's forum and other Age Friendly Waterloo events
  • media mentions - city's multiple social media posts and/or press releases pertaining to the directory

Minimum sponsorship amount of $5000. The City of Waterloo welcomes sponsorship proposals. For sponsorship opportunities contact for more information.

Indoor digital screens 

Located at Waterloo Memorial Recreation ComplexRIM Park Manulife Sportsplex, Bechtel ParkAlbert McCormick Community Centre, and city hall, our digital screens reach over 2 million community members who visit city facilities annually. Selling features include:

  • ads play approximately 140 times a day in seven high traffic locations
  • durations of one, three or twelve months available
  • ad creation services for as low as $125

Rates for business

Static ad

1 month $133.44  
3 months $360.29 price includes 1 ad file change
12 months $1281.04 price includes 4 ad file changes

Video ad

1 month $173.54  
3 months $468.57 price includes 1 ad file change
12 months $1711.41 price includes 4 ad file changes

* HST not included.

Rates for non-profit

Static ad

1 month $66.83  
3 months $180.45 price includes 1 ad file change
12 months $641.59 price includes 4 ad file changes

Video ad

1 month $77.09  
3 months $208.15 price includes 1 ad file change
12 months $740.07 price includes 4 ad file changes

* HST not included.

File changes

If you require creative changes to your file, or we received your file in an incorrect format, you will be charged $125 to $375 depending on design requirements. 

Additional changes are $25 per ad change, not including the creation charge.

None of the above charges include HST.

Submit your advertisement

  • upload directly to our submission form, 2-3 weeks prior to your start date 
  • advertisements must match dimensions below or request design services
Static ads:
  • jpg 1920 pixels wide x 926 pixels high  
  • resolution 72 pixels per inch
  • 65 pt/pixel headlines
  • 48 pt/pixel body and copy
  • maximum 50-60 words for best readability
  • leave 40 px margin on each side
  • leave 30 px margin on top
Video ads:
  • 15 seconds long, no sound or include closed captioning
  • after effects render settings for audience compatible MP4
  • 720p (1280 x 720)/30 frames per second
  • codec - MainConcept H.264 Video
  • profile - high
  • level - 4.0
  • constant bitrate
  • 5MB/S maximum

ActiveWaterloo Guide (formerly Program and Activities Guide)

Print publication discontinued. Sign up to receive seasonal city program information/registration reminders at

Current and past editions are available online.

Publication schedule
EditionEmail distribution dateRegistration date
Spring 2023 February 22, 2023

Active Living: March 8, 2023
Aquatics: March 21, 2023

Summer 2023 May 24, 2023

Active Living: June 7, 2023
Aquatics: June 21, 2023 

Fall 2023 August 9, 2023 Active Living: August 23, 2023
Aquatics: September 6, 2023
Winter 2024 November 22, 2023 Active Living: December 6, 2023
Aquatics: December 20, 2023


Facilities and outdoor sportsfields

For spaces such as soccer sideline signage, rink boards and ice resurfacer wraps, contact Brandon Smith:

ActiveWaterloo e-newsletter

The ActiveWaterloo newsletter keeps readers up-to-date with the latest recreational and leisure activity information. Selling features include: 

  • distributed once/month through email to 3000 readers
  • $108.24/block ad
  • dimensions: 1200 X 630 pixels, jpeg format 

Your ad must include a web link to direct readers for more information. Advertisements must match dimensions or request design services. No more than two advertisers per month will be accepted. Placement is first come, first served.

Upload your request to our submission form, 3-4 weeks prior to your start date. 


Sponsorships range from programs and events, to facilities such as diamonds and sport fields. Benefits could include:

  • logo/name on City of Waterloo property or event space
  • advertisements on digital screens and ActiveWaterloo Guide
  • social media coverage through the sponsorship
  • media release to announce sponsorship

For further details contact Nina Jakovljevic at

Festival sponsorship


Winterloo is the only major winter event in Waterloo Region. Winterloo attracts thousands of people of all ages with its fun and engaging indoor and outdoor winter programs and activities.

Occurring over three days, children and adults alike enjoy activities such as the professional ice carving competition, dog sled rides, chili cook-off, and more, all of which form the cornerstones of this event.

Admission to Winterloo is free and as a volunteer-based festival, we rely heavily on the support of local sponsors. Winterloo provides high-visibility opportunities to help sponsors reach their marketing goals. With your support and through Winterloo’s marketing materials and media partners, your business will be seen and heard by thousands of event participants.

As a part of the most innovative region in Ontario, City of Waterloo is inviting you to celebrate our innovation, activation, and creativity by being part of the launch of our newest festival. As a festival of light, art, and technology, Lumen blends together the best of both art and tech. The festival will challenge artists and tech companies to think outside of the box to create new experiences for participants and viewers as they engage in a process of discovery throughout uptown Waterloo.

A festival of this kind requires sponsorships from innovative thinkers like yourself. By sponsoring Lumen in its first year, you will support the continued growth and evolution of our rapidly expanding uptown core and contribute to the vibrancy of our small town vibe, with big city installations.

For more details, contact TTY 1-866-786-3941.