Public art

Public art brings creativity, beauty, conversation and character to public spaces throughout the city. 

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Through our Waterloo Windows project

Waterloo is a caring community. Throughout our COVID-19 isolation there have been so many generous acts of caring.

We're collecting your drawings, photographs, stories, poems and thoughts of positivity.

Submissions will be assembled into a community exhibit that will be shared on social media and eventually displayed in public.

Ideas include:

  • Signs, notes, and images of chalk drawings that neighbours have left workers on the frontlines
  • Messages of positivity, kindness, or stories of neighbourly acts 
  • Drawings, paintings, photographs, or collages of time spent
  • Creative musings, poetry, sheet music or writing

Submit here

Public art map

The city's collection features 22 pieces that present an array of community narratives from renowned artists.

View Public Art map

Public art mandate

We're committed to building a site specific Public Art collection through public commissions, donations, and by the encouraging the inclusion of art in development projects.

The City of Waterloo Public Art Policy (PDF) outlines the development, management, and stewardship of the city's collection. Its goals include:

  • increase livability and attractiveness of the city
  • introduce landmarks and place makers
  • stimulate the growth of arts and arts-related businesses
  • articulate Waterloo's evolving identity
  • increase the accessibility of artistic work to all citizens
  • encourage excellence, quality, and innovation

Temporary installations

As outlined in the above policy, the city may accept temporary works of art for display on city-owned property through art loan agreements. Installations can last from one day to one year, typically remaining on view for three to six months.

Artwork considered for display in public space is distinct from installations that occur as part of a special event (where the installation period coincides with the event).

Proposals for temporary art display will be reviewed by the city's review team. Consideration will be given to safety, durability and suitability to the site. Following approval, a loan agreement between the artist and/or sponsoring organization and the city will be signed.

For more information please contact 519-747-8769, TTY (for deaf) 1-866-786-3941 or