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Find out what programs we offer, what's open for registration or drop-in, and how to sign up and pay.

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  2. Find a program, register and pay
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  5. Register in person
  6. Registration policies

What's open for registration

Summer program information is now available. Download the Summer Guide (PDF). 

Summer program registration opens June 6 (active living) and June 20 (swim).

For the summer season you can register for:

Browse all registered programs  

Drop-in programs

The following drop-in programs require registration:

Find a program, register and pay

All current and upcoming programs are listed on ActiveWaterloo. 

You can use this service to:

  • search for activities by age, location, date, and more 
  • add yourself to a waitlist if a program is full
  • register and pay with credit card or Visa/Mastercard debit

You need an account to register and pay for programs.

Find a program and register

Get help over the phone

Call customer service to get help with finding a program or registering online.

You can reach us at 519-886-1177 or 519-884-5363.

Subscribe to our seasonal newsletter

Subscribers to our seasonal newsletter receive:

  • reminders about upcoming registration dates
  • notifications about new programs
  • a link to the ActiveWaterloo Program Guide


Register in person

You can register in person at RIM Park and Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex, Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Registration policies


Before requesting a refund, ensure you meet our withdrawal criteria below.

If your request is successful a credit will show on your ActiveWaterloo account or a refund will show on the original payment used. 

Withdrawal criteria:

  • single day program - 14 calendar days before the first program date

  • camp programs - 14 calendar days before the first program date

  • registered weekly program - before the third class

  • registered drop-in program - 24 hours before the program start
  • leagues teams - prior to communication of the game schedule

  • leagues free agents - prior to the first game

For more on withdrawals, view our program withdrawal policy (PDF).


Transfers between programs can be accepted if:

  1. You meet the withdrawal criteria deadline
  2. Space exists in the new program
  3. Both programs are within the same program session

You must pay the difference if you transfer to a program with a higher fee. If you transfer to a program with a lower fee, you are eligible for a refund in the price difference.

Administrative fees do not apply for transfers.

To request a transfer call 519-886-1177 or email for assistance.


Before requesting a refund, consider that:

  1. All refunds or credits are subject to a 10% administrative fee, unless requesting withdrawal within 24 hours of registration or part of the drop-in programming
  2. Refunds of $25 or less, after the 10% administration fee are only available as a credit
  3. FitPass users requesting a withdrawal will either not have visit deducted or get a credit on their FitPass for future use

To request a refund call 519-886-1177 or email for assistance.

Refunds will be processed in 3-5 business days.

League withdrawals

League programs have two forms of registration – team registrations and free agent registrations. Refund eligibility varies based on the method of registration (team or free agent).

  1. If a team or free agent cannot be accommodated within the league season, they will receive a refund. Administrative fees will not apply.
  2. No refunds or credits will be provided to teams or individuals removed or suspended for misconduct in accordance with their league rules.
  3. The city may reschedule and/or relocate league games that have been cancelled due to unsuitable playing conditions. Refunds will not be offered for rescheduled and/or relocated league games.
  4. If the city is not able to reschedule or relocate the game, customers will receive an appropriate refund. Administrative fees will not apply.

Cancellation of league games taking place on outdoor fields is governed by the Field Delay and Cancellation Policy.

Refunds and credits issued for league programs operate under the rules in section 2.0, except as stated below for team withdrawals.

Team withdrawals

  1. Administrative fees of 5% apply to team withdrawals
  2. All team refund requests require the approval of the program supervisor
  3. Team withdrawals are not eligible for credits on a customer account
  4. Refunds will not be issued directly to individual team members, only to the customer who made the original payment

Account credits

Credits on a customer account will not be removed as long as the account is active. 

Your account is consider to be not active if it has not been used in 2 years. If this happens:

  • credits less than $50 the funds will be transferred directly to the Corporate Miscellaneous Revenue account
  • credits $50 or more a refund will be issued to the payment used registered to the account, subject to a 10% administrative fee.

At any point, if your credits are $25 or more the customer may to the account may request a refund, subject to a 10% administrative fee.