The Neighbourhood Fund supports projects that help neighbours develop connections, foster a sense of belonging, and create opportunities for placemaking. Groups of two or more neighbours may apply for up to $7500 to support their idea. 

How to apply

Follow these easy steps to complete the application: 

  1. Work together with two or more neighbours to brainstorm an event or project that will help form neighbourhood connections. 
  2. Reach out to staff to chat about your idea and eligibility by emailing the neighbourhoods team
  3. Consider neighbourhood support. Connect with neighbours to get involvement through volunteering and other contributions.
  4. Complete the online application before the deadline.

Apply Now

2024 application deadlines

There are three application deadlines in 2024: 

  • Round 1: February 13
  • Round 2: May 29
  • Round 3: October 15

All applications are due before 2 p.m.  

Application guidelines

Groups can apply for up to $7,500. 

You will answer questions about the idea, who is involved, neighbourhood support, how you will support a safe and inclusive project, and complete a budget form

What makes an application eligible?

Applications are eligible if they meet the following requirements:

  • Application is submitted by two or more neighbours.
  • Idea focuses on community-building and enhancing sense of belonging.
  • Idea, communications, and spaces used are inclusive and bring neighbours together.
  • Project is neighbourhood-based (not city-wide) and within Waterloo city limits.
  • Project is equitable, accessible, and inclusive.
  • Broadly supported by the neighbourhood and is open to all neighbours interested in participating. 
  • Idea can be completed within one year of funding.

This grant does not support:

  • Ongoing operating costs 
  • Projects that have already started
  • Applications with one individual
  • Organizations that are not neighbourhood-based
  • Ideas that are not neighbourhood-based

For more detailed information on eligibility, view the Neighbourhood Grant Policy or connect with the neighbourhoods team

What's new with the Neighbourhood Fund

Have you applied for a neighbourhood project in the past with the Neighbourhood Matching Fund? The new Neighbourhood Fund provides grant updates to help address community feedback and improve neighbourhood support. This grant will continue to support neighbourhood-led projects across the City of Waterloo. Some important details are included below: 

  • Neighbourhood support will need to be demonstrated, but exact match is not required on the budget form.  
  • The grant continues to support neighbourhood-led projects (citywide or other non-profit ideas are not eligible).
  • Welcome to the new Neighbourhood Grants Committee! This group of volunteers will work with City staff to review neighbourhood grant applications.