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Eby Farmstead

The Eby Farmstead offers an opportunity for you to observe farm animals up close, learning more about their mannerisms and characteristics. Admission is free.

Update: October 2017

If you're visiting the Eby Farmstead, you may notice construction taking place along the west (trail) side of the farmstead fence. Work is underway to enhance the Trans Canada Trail that passes through the park adjacent to the new LRT. A few residents have expressed concern about the care of the animals during this construction activity. While the sheep, pygmy goats and pot belly pigs have left for their winter home, the farmstead is the year-round home to a number of the animals who are cared for and monitored daily. The care and health of the animals is something that is taken seriously and park staff ensure the farmstead meets all the required and accepted standards for animal care including regular veterinarian visits and an annual inspection by the SPCA.

A temporary screen has been mounted along the fence line facing the construction to provide privacy from construction activity. In addition, the animals' behaviour and conditions are monitored daily and is a priority for park staff during construction. And while the area beside their fence looks sparse at this time, new screen plantings will be installed in the Spring as part of the promenade works.


The Eby Farmstead is centrally located in Waterloo Park. The nearest parking lot is off Seagram Drive.

Hours of operation

The Eby Farmstead is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.


The farmstead is home to a variety of animals. We have llamas, peacocks, chickens, potbelly pigs, miniature ponies, goats and more! Many of our animals reside in the farm year round, however some animals are moved to a warmer winter home. Staff may be available to answer questions during animal feeding and maintenance times.

More information

Please do not feed the animals - they are on strict diets to meet their nutritional needs. Feeding them can cause illness or death. 

Photo Gallery: PhotoGallery_EbyFarmstead will appear here on the public site.