Animals and pets

We issue dog licences, enforce bylaws around animal control and dangerous dogs, and maintain a leash-free dog park at Bechtel Park.

Dog licences

In case of emergency a dog tag can be a lifeline with your dog. They allow us to contact dog owners about animal health and safety concerns and reunite dogs with their families. Licence fees support services such as animal control and leash-free dog parks.

Licence regulations

  • all dogs older than 12 weeks must be licensed
  • a dog must wear the tag on its collar at all times
  • licences must be renewed by December 31 each year
  • early-bird rates apply to new/renewed licenses if received between October 1 and December 31
  • licence from previous year is required to receive a new licence (does not apply to puppies)

Purchase or renew licence

Dog licences are now issued with a permanent tag. The licence must be renewed annually but owners will no longer receive a new tag.


  1. Sign up or log in to our online application.
  2. Apply and pay online. We only accept credit card (online debit not accepted).
  3. As a bonus, those who renew online will receive a $25 voucher to Ren's Pets Depot by email.

In person

  1. Visit the municipal enforcement counter on the first floor of city hall, or the KW Humane Society.
  2. Apply and pay in person. At city hall we accept cash, debit or credit.


Service type


Renewal before December 31 (early bird fee)


  • $26 for a spayed or neutered
  • $19 for dogs owned by 65+
  • $43 for unsterilized dogs
  • $38 for unsterilized dogs owned by senior citizens

Renewal between January 1 and September 30

  • $53 for spayed or neutered dogs
  • $43 for dogs owned by senior citizens
  • $70 for unsterilized dogs
  • $64 for unsterilized dogs owned by senior citizens
  • new dog licences purchased during this time will be charged the early bird fee

Replacement tag

  • $10

Service dogs

  • No charge

Report an animal issue

The keeping, feeding and treatment of animals is outlined in our animal control bylaw (PDF).

Contact the humane society at 1-833-926-4625 or 519-745-5615 to report:

  • animal bylaw violations (except excessive noise)
  • off-leash or stray animals
  • a lost/found pet
  • injured animals
  • a dog bite
  • a dead domestic animal
  • to report dead wildlife on public property

Contact bylaw enforcement to report a pet related noise violation.

Coyotes and foxes

For concerns about coyotes or foxes, contact the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Dog regulations

  • keep your dog on a leash 
  • dogs over 12 weeks old must be licensed (find section above)
  • pick up waste
  • limit of three dogs per household
  • the dangerous dog bylaw (PDF) relates to dangerous dogs and regulation of pitbulls

Cat regulations

Keep your cat or kitten in a manner that limits:

  • offensive odours
  • noise that may disturb others
  • straying or roaming
  • accumulation of feces

Fowl (including chicken)

  • fowl is prohibited unless on land zoned for agricultural purposes, or if fowl was kept on residential property before April 27, 2009 and registered with the city
  • the number of chickens owned at the date of the enactment may be maintained
  • chickens cannot be relocated to a new property if the owner moves