Fire and emergency services

Call 911 for all emergencies. Waterloo Fire Rescue (WFR) responds to fires, medical emergencies, car accidents and chemical incidents. Connect with WFR on Twitter to see how we're "shaping our fire safe community."

City of Waterloo Fire Rescue is working on updating the Fire Master Plan to reflect our changing, growing city. The updated Fire Master Plan will guide the growth of fire protection services for the next 10 years, to meet our community’s needs for public education, fire prevention and fire suppression services.

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Location and contact info
  • Learn the fire service locations
  • Find the address and hours of headquarters
  • Contact fire services
Fire prevention services
  • Book an inspection
  • Submit a fire safety plan for review
  • Request a fire code violation search
Public education
  • Find out about fire prevention week
  • Learn fire safety
  • Contact a public education officer
What to do after a fire
  • Learn what to expect if you experience a fire
  • Find links to resources for recovery
Community support
  • Request Waterloo Fire Rescue personnel and equipment to attend for your next charity event
Join Waterloo Fire Rescue
  • Learn about the role of a firefighter
  • View the qualifications to apply
  • Apply for Emergency Services Career Camp