Find development applications, plans and data

Visit our manuals, guidelines and standards page to find the city's engineering and urban design manuals.

List of current zone change applications
  • review development applications that require changes to the zoning bylaw and the official plan
  • give feedback to city council about current applications
Official plan
  • view the city's long-term planning guide for land use and development
  • learn about how the plan is created and updated
Zoning bylaw
  • the zoning bylaw controls land development and how it's used
  • find the current zoning for a property in the city
Affordable housing
  • apply for affordable housing grants
  • learn what the city does to to support affordable housing
Planning and land use data
  • find out more about population and land use trends
  • download data sets that are updated annually
Submit a development application
  • learn about development requirements
  • apply for a new development