Submit a development application

Apply for site development applications, variances, demolition, zoning bylaw changes, official plan amendments and permission for residential developments with two or more units and commercial projects. Once planning approval has been given, apply for building permits.

Apply for site plan approval
  • learn when to submit an application
  • find the requirements for development applications
Apply for a minor variance, severance, easement or lease
  • request minor changes to the zoning bylaw
  • apply to the Committee of Adjustment who approves these changes
Get regional approval for condos and subdivision plans
  • the city provides feedback for condos and subdivision plans
  • learn how to get Region of Waterloo approval
Apply to alter a building site
  • apply for a permit if you're removing or dumping large quantities of soil, rock or other materials from a work site
  • find application fees
Apply to demolish a residential building
  • submit an application to demolish residential buildings or exterior parts of buildings on any site
  • get a permit for demolition with all required sign-offs
Apply to erect a telecommunications tower
  • download an application for a telecommunications tower
  • submit to get city comments before gaining approval 
Apply for municipal system alterations
  • how and when applications are needed for watermain, stormwater or wastewater collection infrastructure changes
  • download the application
Development charges
  • find the charges list and the development charges bylaw
  • learn how development charges are used
Community benefits charge and parkland conveyance
  • learn about fees from the city for developers that help pay for growth and exemptions
  • view parkland conveyance requirements
  • community benefit charges are for buildings with 5 or more storeys and 10 or more units